Welcome to my website! I’m Peter Vantine, a composer, arranger and pianist who has been writing and recording music for over 30 years. Here you’ll find information about my musical explorations, ranging from solo piano music, choral and concert music to contemporary Christian and worship music for the church. There is much to look through and listen to on this site, and I hope you enjoy your time here. You can sign-up to be on my email list and you’ll receive three free tracks of relaxing piano music from one of my CDs.

LATEST NEWS: My third album in the Prayerful Improvisation series: CHRISTMAS has officially been released! God has moved and inspired through this series. Hundreds of CDs have gone to senior centers, hospice care, military personnel, missionaries abroad and in the U.S., mental wellness programs, and many individuals in need of peace, comfort and healing. And the Christmas season is no exception to the need for God’s peace. To learn more about this new album, visit my ALBUMS page.

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The first Prayerful Improvisations album was added to Pandora internet radio as well as Whisperings solo piano radio and SoloPiano.com. The album was nominated for 2014 Album of the Year by Whisperings solo piano radio and 2014 Christian Solo Piano Album of the Year by SoloPiano.com. Prayerful Improvisations 2 was added to Pandora and Whisperings last year. Both albums continue to accomplish far more than anything I could ever accomplish on my own. Soli Deo Gloria!

Along with the Prayerful Improvisation series, I  released an album titled Peaceful Classics. This album features “soothing classical piano music for the heart and soul.” All proceeds from sales of this CD are donated to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, of which 100% of donations go directly toward funding research to find a cure for the Alzheimer’s disease. This is an excellent organization that is already making great strides toward their goal to find a cure. So far nearly $2,000 has been raised and given to this fund.

pandoraPrayerful Improvisations 1 & 2, Peaceful Classics  and Glimpses of the Spirit are now on Pandora internet radio. Enjoy listening to selections from these albums along with other artists of similar musical style. Use the “thumbs up” feature on Pandora to like a track. The more thumbs up, the more the track will get played. Thank you for supporting this music!