As a New England native who seeks to connect musical enrichment with spiritual evocation, Peter Vantine has been composing, arranging and producing music professionally in a variety of genres for nearly 30 years. As soon as he played the first notes of King of the Road at age seven, Peter knew he would continually be put on the spot to play piano for friends and family members wherever he went. Thankfully, this did not deter him from a career in music. Born in Massachusetts to photographer Richard Vantine and painter Ruth Vantine, and growing up in a very musical and artistic family, it was inevitable that something would eventually rub off.

His first concert experience was at age eight and he continued to perform regularly during his childhood. He studied with many piano and composition teachers, each one providing something unique to his musical education. He went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Film Scoring and Music Production & Engineering from Berklee College of Music, a Master’s in Music Education from Boston University, and currently he holds the position of Pastor of Music & Administration at Middleton Congregational Church (Massachusetts) where he has served for over 25 years.

Mr. Vantine was the grand prize recipient of the 2001 Turner Classic Movies Young Composer’s Competition and has produced over 30 music CDs (many of which include his own music) while arranging or performing on many others. His music has been featured in the concert setting as well as media outlets including The Biography Channel, The Discovery Channel, MTV, PBS, Warner Brothers Online, the Salem Wax Museum, and The Learning Company. Along with being blessed by his wife and two children, and constantly seeking spiritual growth, building and nurturing relationships through music is a vital aspect of Mr. Vantine’s life. In all that he pursues, especially in music, he strives to touch the heart.


“. . . the rehearsal went well. People enjoyed the piece . . . and the board was very happy. Our president said she could see it being a piece that would be desired by local colleges and high schools. Many commented at the end of rehearsal that they thought it was going to be beautiful.” – Jim Sharrock, director of the Monadnock Chorus

“[Peter is] so gifted and [has] developed into a real prolific composer. Congratulations to [Peter] on [his] accomplishments and great success.” – David Spear, film composer, orchestrator and pianist

“Very beautiful Peter. Thank you for sharing your music and those amazing videos from NASA! Your music perfectly complements the awesome wonders of the world of Saturn. I loved it! Looking forward to more music and video of your space odyssey!” – Carol Ou, cellist and educator at New England Conservatory

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Peter on Stone. I had written the song on guitar and heard what it could be in my head, but never imagined that it would turn out as well as it did! Peters orchestration and musicianship took Stone to a new level. I only hope that we have the opportunity to work together again very soon. I look forward to it!” – Michael Sweet, recording artist

“What wonderful work you are doing. Interesting arrangements, strong vocals, wonderful playing. Overall, all three of these [songs] are strong and professional in their sound and approach . . . You are a strong writer and arranger and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.” – Music Industry A&R Rep

“Glimpses of the Spirit is a most welcome CD. I’m glad you created one devoted to featuring instrumental music – Great for meditation and quiet time. Love your playing, especially on #3 JOY – Oh, very nice!! And KINDNESS, too – so many gems!” – Don Wilkins, Film Scoring Department Chairman Emeritus, Berklee College of Music

“Peter . . . Your visions in sound for these X-mas classics are superb. Your instrumental colorings are imaginative, and well suited for the music lines that they support. The emotional appeal of each rendition will engage many a listener. Rather then tired versions we usually hear at Christmas, your renditions are inspired and have passion and drama. This is certainly what these carols need to properly reflect the great music that is contained in them. What Child is This shows great sensitivity and mystery, as expressed by your brilliant piano variations . . . You are a skilled arranger and instrumentalist . . . thank you for the pleasure and emotional lift I got after hearing your [music].” – Music Industry A&R Rep

“Soothing and peaceful inspiring instrumentals . . . a really fine and inspiring collection.” – Alan Campbell, newCDnews.com

“Wonderful production! Believe me, we have heard so many that we nickname ‘underwater’ recordings because the production is so bad. [Peter’s] is truly refreshing!” – Sr. Bridget Charles, Director at Pauline Records


Vantine Studio was the name of the Stoneham-based recording studio that Peter operated from 2004-2007. The name was derived not only due to the owner sharing the same name, but more importantly it was done as an homage to the Vantine family legacy in the professional photography industry.

Peter’s grandfather, Warren Kay Vantine (originally Vartanian), immigrated from Armenia in the early part of the last century during the Turkish genocide. In the early 1920s he and his brother, Edward both began photography studios – Warren in Boston, MA and Edward in Rochester, NY (which is still in business today – www.vantine.com).

The family business prospered for over five decades taking on a large percentage of school, wedding and portrait photography in the New England area. Peter recalls tagging along with his dad, one of their primary photographers, on many trips to photograph various events (as well as playing in the halls of the old studio on Boylston Street). To this day people still recall having their college photographs taken by Vantine Studio!

The recording studio featured a 24′ x 18′ recording space ideal for tracking solo piano performances, piano and vocal performances, small chamber ensembles as well as piano overdubs for any type or style of music. A 7’4″ Bosendorfer Grand Piano was the centerpiece of Vantine Studio. Immaculate in condition, exquisite in sound, this instrument was tuned and maintained on a regular basis. All recording was digital using a Digi002 rig with the latest ProTools software and plug-ins. A wide array of synth/sample gear was also available, including Kurzweil, Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Atmosphere and Kontakt sample software featuring the vast Quantum Leap/East West Platinum Orchestral Library.

Peter uses much of this same equipment today to produce his own recordings and compositions, especially the Bosendorfer piano!