Here are a few things I’m currently focused on:

  1. As of May 1, working full-time as Executive Administrator with First Loved Ministries. Have been developing the organization’s online presence, creating podcasts and videos, and building infrastructure for this terrific nonprofit.
  2. Started to go on “Alphabet Adventures” with my wife – we just head off in the car with no plan and seek places to visit and things to do that begin with one particular letter. We just started so we’re only on “B”.
  3. Still planning a few new recording projects for 2016, including a new CD with Mark Fee, a Christmas version of Prayerful Improvisations to be released late 2016, and a new solo piano CD to assist Dirk Albrodt (from Netherlands) with his therapy work with terminally ill patients.
  4. Decided to shut down my Used Piano Music stores on e-Bay and Amazon. It was time for a “Necessary Ending” (great book by Henry Cloud) to allow me more time for the things that are most important to me.
  5. Spending at least an hour every morning with the Lord, reading His Word, listening for His guidance, and being reassured of His love. Reading some great books on faith, too.
Thanks to Derek Sivers for developing the NOW movement concept.