In 1987, Peter began composing a multi-movement electronic music work with his Roland JX-3P keyboard, a work based on the moons of Saturn. This endeavor was inspired by music from a few synthesists who were composing “space music” at the time, including Wendy Carols, Tomita, and Vangelis. It was also inspired by Gustav Holst’s The Planets.

The project was never fully realized.

Twenty-five years later, in 2012, Peter began re-working the movements by combining synthesized sounds with orchestral timbres, and while updating some of the orchestration and compositions themselves. Based on the original material, these new recordings are becoming a “remixed” version of sorts. It was also Mr. Vantine’s original intent to perform this work live with visual projections of photographs of the moons. Since then, and with the advent of YouTube and digital video editing, he is able to link visuals with the sound producing short film presentations for each movement.

This is an ongoing project and recordings will be posted when available. Check back here for updates.

Click HERE to listen to the first movement (Janus) of The Moons of Saturn by Peter Vantine.