Classical Music for Alzheimer’s Research

My mother, Ruth Vantine lived with Alzheimer’s for over ten years during the last part of her life. It was challenging to watch such a talented artist, clever poet and sensitive musician gradually lose the ability to enjoy all of these gifts. Yet through it all she maintained her pleasant and loving demeanor, even towards the end when she no longer remembered those closest to her. She still loved us and “shined like the stars!” When I thought of doing a project like this, I wanted it to be something that she would have enjoyed listening to. She was always supportive of my musical endeavors (one of my biggest fans ever!), but she certainly had a particular love for classical piano music. Thus, here we are. Most of the selections on Peaceful Classics are favorites of hers. I particularly want to note the final track, which contains melodies and some harmonic structures that my mother wrote herself! I came across it one day long ago and composed a complete piece using her ideas. Originally it was written in two movements with orchestral accompaniment. But for purposes here, it flowed better to present it as a condensed solo piano version. I think she would have enjoyed this version.

All proceeds from the sales of this CD and downloads go to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, an amazing nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting medical research in order to prevent, cure and completely stop the eradication of this insidious disease. The CureALZ Board of Directors funds 100% of the organizations operating expenses. This means every single dollar given to this organization from donors goes directly to supporting medical research! If you have or had a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s, please consider supporting this fund. And don’t let time slip away without letting your mother, father, siblings, spouse, children – all who are near and dear to you – know how much they mean to you; how much you love them and appreciate how they have helped make you a better person.

God bless,