Impressions CD – Limited Edition

During the last four years I have recorded a number of improvisational music projects, including the Prayerful Improvisations series, background music for First Loved Ministries, and more recently the Flowers album. The process has always been to record much more music than would be needed for each project, and often I would record WAY more than needed. Of course there were numerous “out-takes” where I would start an improvisation and quickly discover I was headed in an undesirable direction! But there were also many complete takes that I did not use simply because I had decided that other tracks were more suited for each project.

So I have been saving these tracks, collected from “the cutting room floor” (as they used to say in film or music editing before digital technology), and have assembled the best 14 tracks I could find from what I would fondly call the “B-Sides” if 45s were still popular (do you know what a “45” even is?). Listen to excerpts HERE.

This is a special limited edition album available only on CD.

…so if you would like a copy you can order through Paypal by clicking the “Add to Cart” button below. I can also send a copy as a gift with a personalized note on your behalf at no extra charge. Just email me your message to accompany the gift order along with the mailing address.

These CDs are $15 each, which includes shipping and handling.

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