Musical Blessings

I am always amazed when I hear of how my music is being used in a way that I could never imagine. For me, that reveals the hand of God. I received this note recently from a good friend of mine in Colorado. I share it here not to boast (because all I did was record some simple piano pieces), but because many of you have asked me to share stories when they come in. Well, here’s what my friend wrote . . .

“I wanted to let you know how your music blessed an entire classroom full of 7 year olds last week in a very profound way. I have given all 3 of your [Prayerful Improvisations] cds to a friend of mine . . . who is a first grade teacher in Portland, OR. Last week there was an active shooter outside of her school so the entire school was put on lock-down; outer and inner doors were all locked and no one could come in or out. Police were everywhere and it was an extremely scary situation. [She] had PI1 in her cd player in the classroom and so she put it on as she was reassuring the kids that everything was okay and that they should stay calm and that they were going to be fine. The principal came into each room to check on the students and later on told [her] that she was amazed at how her class was the most calm and well behaved of all of the classes in the whole school and she replied that it was because of the music she had playing. It really helped the entire atmosphere of her classroom to be calm and as unafraid as possible during the situation. She knew that it was God coming through those speakers, speaking through you and your music, reassuring those precious little ones that He was watching over them and protecting them. The vice principal made the same comments about how everyone in Pam’s classroom handled the situation so magnificently, the best in the school, and Pam again attributed it to your music. SO amazing!! So thank you from her, and from me, for sharing your gift with the world. You never know how God is going to use it, and He used it this time in a very big way to bless some very frightened children.”

Wow. Thank you, Lord.