Peaceful, contemplative, comforting solo piano music to help alleviate stress, anxiety, heartache and pain.

Over the years I have received many notes of encouragement for the music I write and record, particularly my piano music. I am always humbled by how God uses my music to bring comfort to others, from helping provide a calming atmosphere for the family home to instilling a sense of peace for someone who is struggling with a great illness or approaching death. These moments in life can be difficult, confusing and filled with the noise of uncertainty and despair. Yet God promises us peace and comfort from Him. Sometimes we just need a little help getting to the place where we can hear God and experience His presence with us. Perhaps these Notes of Comfort will be that help.

At some point during 2019, an idea was planted in my head where I could see people from all over using music to help with anxiety, depression, physical ailments, coping with chronic pain or terminal illness, and even comforting those crossing the threshold into the arms of the Lord. Not just my music, but any music with a purpose . . . the purpose to heal mind, body and spirit while gently shining a light on the Way, Truth and Life. This has always been a goal of mine, but this time the vision seemed more widespread than before. This album is the first in what might become a series focusing on different subjects: hope, faith, love, light, comfort, peace, eternity, and so on.