Reflective, soothing solo piano instrumentals for the Christmas season . . . to quiet the heart and nurture the soul. This is the third album in the Prayerful Improvisation series.

“Your desire to bless the people of God with your music . . . well, it’s wonderful!  My mind is a perpetually busy, noisy place, and your music draws me into a place of quiet and peace and helps me fix my mind on the beauty and loveliness of the Lord rather than on the complexities and noise of this life.  In short . . .thank you!” – Joan, Port Orange, FL

FROM THE LINER NOTES: After releasing my second Prayerful Improvisations CD, many people encouraged me to create a Christmas version. This is the fruit of that encouragement. From the very beginning, the goal of this series has been to convey God’s peace and love for you through music, providing a relaxing and soothing balm for your soul. Over the years (and I have experienced this in my own life) I have heard time and time again that the Christmas season (“the holidays”) stress people out! Whatever the reasons, we easily become consumed with  things that distract us from drawing closer to the Lord and “remaining in His love.” We lose the true spirit of Christmas.

Not that joy and celebration during Christmas should be neglected, but in those moments when we are anxious or frenzied, or distraught over losing someone close to us, wouldn’t it be nice to be reminded of God’s peace and have a resource that will help us remember He is always with us? “Emmanuel: God with us!”

My hope and prayer is that you will experience a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit—the True Spirit of Christmas—in and through this music, and that it will speak to you in the “secret place of God.” May God grant you peace and rest from this busy season, even if just for a few moments, so that you might hear His still small voice and be taken up into the heavenly realms to enjoy this moment in time to the fullest. Love to you all…