VITA AETERNA is a seven-movement cantata for choir and orchestra with soprano and tenor soloists. Nearly 100 vocalists and instrumentalists participated in the recording of this performance over a period of one year. Texts are in English and Latin, taken from scripture, poetry and traditional liturgical texts.


“Over the years I have seen first-hand how music has the power to heal, bridge the greatest of divides, and inspire hope in people from every walk of life. It has always been a goal of mine to create music that draws people into the Presence of God, whether it is solely through listening or actively participating in the music itself. This is a big part of why I became a composer, and why I wrote Vita Aeterna. In 1989, a spark was ignited at a choral music conference in Florida. I was still in college and recently had begun my first church music ministry position. I was searching for God as well as my niche in the music world. The clinician selected Maurice Durufle’s Requiem (meaning “rest”) for us to sing with a full orchestra. It was an incredible musical (and spiritual) experience for me. At that point I immersed myself in choral repertoire. For some reason I kept coming back to the Requiem form, but my faith in Christ placed on my heart an understanding of “the great beyond” as not just being eternal rest, but eternal LIFE!”

“I finally completed this piece at the very beginning of 2020 (only 30 years later). Then in March of that year, Covid struck. My hopes for a live premiere quickly disintegrated. However, circumstances made it possible to record this cantata virtually—one movement at a time. With the incredible help of many friends, in a year’s time this is what we created together. I hope you will find inspiration in this recording and that it will move you to be an “instrument of peace” in the world with whatever you are given to share. God’s blessings!” – Peter